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Tomas Cataldo is an active session guitarist, teacher, composer and author. He began studying classical guitar at age 10. After numerous classical recitals, he expanded his playing and studied with progressive rock guitarist Jon Petrucci. Tomas went on to graduate Berklee College of Music in Boston with a degree in music. While studying at Berklee, he began playing sessions for clients such as Coca Cola, Dodge, and Coors. After graduating, he studied privately with Wayne Krantz and continued playing sessions for the American and European markets.In addition to session work, Tomas composed music for TV including projects for "Inside Hollywood" and The Learning Channel. Tomas recently authored the "Rock Links Encyclopedia" published by Alfred. Tomas teaches at the National Guitar Summer Workshop and is also a faculty member at Fordham College. Tomas is endorsed by Brian Moore Guitars, GHS Strings, and Rocktron. He teaches privately in the Metropolitan NY area and conducts clinics and seminars around the U.S. Tomas is currently working on numerous original projects in his home studio in Westchester County, NY and is planning another book. To find out more about your friendly neighborhood Tomas visit His latest wotk involves using his iGuitar to write music for video games such as 'sims' and ' need for speed'

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