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Brandon Todd
Once Broken

iGuitar 2.13

26 year old Brandon Todd is the guitarist for the hard rock/metal band ONCE BROKEN. He has taken his "wild" guitar stylings to the ears of people all over the east coast on stage w/ bands such as Dokken and LA Guns. Brandon also writes a weekly guitar column for Scene A Zine magazine. Bringing influences like George Lynch, Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Prince together in a modern heavy rock rock context, he excels at emotional solos, and wild blazing bursts of speed. An accolmplished guitarist in many styles, Brandon melds all his stylistic influences into a style all his own! Catch Brandon and ONCE BROKEN live in a town near you, and see his Brian Moore i2.13 come to life! Brandon says: "With the Brian Moore guitar I can finally have access to all the tones I want to use live and in the studio right there in my hands on one guitar!!"

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