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Jon Bodan
Halcyon Way

C-55P, i8, i81 & iGuitar8.13

Jon Bodan is the lead guitarist, primary songwriter, and founding member of Atlanta's progressive metal juggernaut Halcyon Way. The band's material is best described as Megadeth meets Dio and Fates Warning, with dual emphasis on intricate riffs & technicality, and accessible songwriting with hooks and emotional impact. Jon has been playing for 20 years, and was influenced heavily by guitarists such as Alex Skolnick of Testament, John Petrucci of Dream Theater, and Chris DeGarmo of Queensryche. Jon plays Brian Moore guitars exclusively, and uses a Custom Shop C-55p, an i8, an i81, and an i8.13. Check our Jon's Nailhead signature guitar here: Halcyon Way's debut album, A Manifesto For Domination, is scheduled for release on 11/11/2008 through Nightmare Records.

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