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Michael Elsner
Michael Elsner


A guitarist for 15 years, Michael began his professional career in his late teens in the clubs and studios of Woodstock, New York. A move to Nashville ensued in the fall of 1998 where he embarked on numerous tours and recording projects over the next 4? years. Between road gigs, Michael found the time to play on hundreds of recording sessions for songwriters, publishers, and signed acts. After befriending a few studio owners who let him use their studioÝs downtime to sharpen his engineering skills and produce his own original material, Michael landed the opportunity to produce projects for various publishing companies. As is typical in this business, one thing led to another and he soon found himself engineering on recordings for such diverse artists as Michael McDonald, Sixpence None the Richer, Jon Anderson and Take 6 to name a few. These experiences placed him in even greater demand as a session player, sideman, songwriter and producer. During his time in Nashville, Michael received numerous gold, platinum and multi-platinum sales awards. His songs have been recorded by several artists and have received national radio airplay. He was the ŰFret TalkÝ columnist for NashvilleÝs premiere rock magazine ýRock & Readţ and he authored his first instructional book ýIntrospective Guitar for the New Millennium.ţ Currently, Michael resides in Los Angeles, California where he continues to work as a session player, sideman, songwriter and producer.


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