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"The iGuitar from Brian Moore has allowed me to experience the full orchestral spectrum and to realize composition in a most immediate and practical way. This powerful, creative tool is sure to inspire future generations of serious guitarists. "

Mitch Haupers, guitarist, producer, music publisher and educator, has been an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA for the past 15 years. Since 2001, Mitch has been the Managing Partner of Mr. Goodchord Publications (, a collaborative publishing project with renowned jazz guitarist, Mick Goodrick, formed to bring the series, Mr. Goodchord¹s Almanacs of Guitar Voice-Leading, to the public marketplace. He is the co-author, with Mick, of a new rhythm book entitled, Factorial Rhythm: For All Instruments. His distinguished teaching career at Berklee (with specialties in ear training and free improvisation) was recognized in 1994 when he was chosen as recipient of the Dean of Faculty Award for ³the most valuable contribution to the improvement of teaching.² To read more about Mitch¹s teaching & hear MP3s from the Mitch Haupers Quartet CD Somewhere Out There, click here:

Over the past twenty-five years, Mitch has worked in public relations and sales for the recording industry, art design and promotion for a major record distributor, and production, set-up, and quality control for a major guitar manufacturer. He is experienced in jazz festival production, classical orchestral management and touring, as well as concert management for MacArthur Award recipients and world-famous jazz artists. He has played in a wide range of ensembles and performed in professional theater and NAMM industry shows. As well, he is a certified luthier. Mitch is the author of several professional articles including two recent features for Keyboard magazine on the subject of voice leading (Jan 04 & Sept 03). He is a co-author of the new core curriculum ear training books for Berklee and is currently collaborating with renowned recording artists the Yellowjackets on a transcription series and multimedia project focused on music education.

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