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Sometimes controversial, always entertaining, Andy Webster is one of Orange County’s most sought after guitar instructors. Andy began teaching in 1988, in Davenport IA. The musicians’ lifestyle has taken him to Denver, CO where he was an instructor for the Colorado School of Music, New Milford, CT as an intern and faculty member for The National Guitar Workshops’ Connecticut and California campuses, and finally to Southern California as a graduate student at USC, program coordinator for The Performing Arts Lab in Mission Viejo, and currently the Director of Guitar and Ensembles at Lifetime Music Academy in Aliso Viejo, CA. Andy has enjoyed studying with some of the top guitarists in the world, including Steve Khan, Mike and Leni Stern, Jody Fisher, Frank Gambale, Mick Goodrick, Pat Kelly, and numerous others. Andy names all responsible parties on his website: In 1995, Andy released his first full length CD, “View From the Sixth Floor” to critical acclaim. The CD is now out of print, but 2005 will see a revival of Andy’s recording company, Reticulated Productions, Inc. and the CD’s re-release via RP’s website. 2005 will also see Andy return to recording and the stage with the appropriately titled “Speed Triple”, featuring long time friends bassist Steve Araujo and percussionist Pat Leon. When not teaching or practicing, the expectant father can be found either riding one of his Triumph motorcycles in Southern California’s many canyons, cheering Tottenham Hotspur, or accompanying his wife to Sharkey’s!

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